New community site

September 12th 2014…

someone hacked the old community site and sent a huge amount of spam using an exploit in one of the old php-nuke scripts. This resulted in the fact that my provider took the site offline telling me to secure the site… again.
This happend once before a few years ago. Back then, i swore that if this would ever happen again, i would shut down the community site once and for all.

I argued with myself over the last two days whether to do what i swore, or keep on providing information about a game that i love. I decided to do what i originally don’t wanted.
I will keep up the site, rebuild it, using a newer, more popular, more secure cms/blog software most of you will likely know already… WordPress.

Right now, i cannot say which parts i can and will recover from the old site. I don’t even know if it is a good idea to have users at all, since this was the downfall of the old cms. If you like you can send me your ideas and wishes.

Since this new site will be a work in progress, you will see a lot of changes and additions to the site in the future.