Shannara Set

Creator: Alvi (below the images you’ll find the english translation Alvi sent me).
No. of cards: 51

Translation Card’s Text Box

01 Par Omshford  –  In battle he can use a magic song which cast illusions: he can take a card from the draw pile or the discard pile (ally, magic item or thief skill; each time changing type) win or lose once used the card return in the pile where it was, but he can not take it again.

02 The Ilse Witch –  Grianne Omshford. She can use blood ability and thief skill.

03 Will Omshford –  He can use hero unarmed combat cards. Immune to thief skill.

04 Clair the Red Dragon –  Dragon: flyer. In battle artefacts used against her doesn’t work. She draw a victory card each time she defeats a champion.

05 Balinor –  He can use hero unarmed combat cards. If trapped, imprisoned or cursed (i.e. under the influence of an event card) he can be free choosing an ally from the discard pile to put at his place.

06 Garet Jax –  Adventurer. The opposing champion loose all immunities. The unarmed combat cards played by Garet cannot be turned back upon him.

07 Allanon –  When in the pool he can choose to switch with anyone champion (except monster or undead) alredy in battle.

08 Chameleon –  Demon. He can copy level and power of anyone champion in play. If he wins a round of battle he can copy level and power of the defeated discarded champion, and take his place in that player pool; after this he can attack only that pool but defend each (the one of his player or the pool where he is now, this player choice). Each turn he stay in another pool this player can see two of the just drawen cards.

09 Cogline –  During phase 3 he can go to the limbo till the end of this player next turn. Till Cogline is in the limbo he cast a spell “Phase out” (no attaks can be made).

10 The Lord of Deception –  Undead. He can cast wizard spells. In battle he corrupts (use as an ally, level only) all the champion in the opponent pool that are not monster, undead or demons. If defeated he goes to the Abyss whith all the corrupted spellcaster champion.

11 The Stor –  Gnome. If a champion level is reduced during battle, the Stor can negate this once each turn.

12 Hunter Predd –  Elf. Flyer. He has a Roc as a +7 ally which enter in battle when this player chooses. The Roc can carry one ally with him. If he attack or defend a realm with coast or isle, this player can look the opponent’s hand.

13 Pe Ell –  Assassin. If discarded for anyone reason, he kills another champion in play. If he win a round of battle he steels an artifact which can be attached to Pe Ell or Rimmer Dall with no restriction.

14 Rimmer Dall –  Elf. He can cast wizard spells. If Rimmer Dall is in play when a champion uses a spell, psionic power or blood ability that champion is considered a monster. For each champion transformed in monster this player draw a card.

15 Walker Boh –  Each time Walker wins a round of battle, this player can return one card from the discard pile to his hand. If he return a whish spell, it ca not be used by Walker.

17 Risca –  Dwarf. Risca can use only defensive wizard spell. He can use any unarmed combat card. When defending he can switch attack to a different realm of this player formation.

18 Alliance –  It rest in play for 1d4 turns. Play on another pool. That player can discrd a champion or be allied to this for all the event’s duration. The two players show one to the other their hand; they help each other in battle. If one of them meets the victory conditions he has to resist for another turn. Both are considered winners.

19 Evocation at Hades Heart –  Return one champion from another player discard pile as an ally (level and power) which stay till the end of the first round of battle of champion caster. It cannot be removed for any means. It is considered flyer.

20 Create Skull’s Minions –  A champion or an ally from another player discard pile return in play as a monster undead flyer champion in this player pool. If defeated it goes to the Abyss. +3 allies or less played against loose their powers.

21 Back Stab –  For each card, played  to help the opposing player by other players, discard a card from their pool (discard first artefacts, then magic object).

22 The Creeping –  Earthwalker. Immune to the realms and magic object powers. Can be played just after an event that target realms. In this case you put the Creeping in the first place free of any one formation. When that player plays a realm it has to be played under the Creeping; the champion realm can enter in battle defend immediately  against the Creeping (no cards can be added to the Creeping) or (if there is no champion realm) the realm stay in that formation with the Creeping on it but is considered, for any purpose (battle or victory), of this player.

23 The Lake’s Ghost –  When played you have to shuffle together the opposing champion and all the attachments. This player deals out the shuffled cards between he and their owner. The cards deal to this player change side of battle, if he draw the opposing champion he win the round of battle.

24 Trap –  It last until the end of this player’s next turn. Choose one opponent; his cards instead of going to the discard pile (when discarded) goes to this player hand. Maximum a number equal his realm in play.

25 Shannara’s Song I –  Draw a champion from an opponent draw pile. Change the two (replace yours in the opponent’s draw pile). When the opponent draws your champion, he return in your pool (in place of the opponent’s champion) and the opponent’s champion is discarded.

26 Shannara’s Song II –  You can copy any one  blood ability, psionic power or spell card just played. It last for a maximum of one full turn.

27 Skull’s Kingdom –  This player’s demons can attack any realm regardless of position. Undeads defeated in defence of this realm return in play the end of this player’s next turn.

28 Callahorn –  Callahorn is a central cross-roads: the one who win a battle in Callahorn draw two spoil of victory. Callahorn’s legion can defend as a 6 level hero or an ally +1 (choice must be done at the start of the battle).

29 Graymark, the Deadshadows Citadel –  All gnome in play can cast wizard spell. Only flyers or earthwalkers can attack this realm.

30 Wolfsktaag –  Wolfsktaag can be attacked only by monsters or adventurers. This player’s gnome champions are doubled in their base level. 7 level monster champion defends the realm.

31 Culhaven –  This realm may have any Underdark holding attached. Adds a +3 dwarf ally to the defending champion. In any battle dwarf champions that are in the pool may be used as allies.

32 Capaal –  Only swimmers can attack Capaal without problem. Other attacking champions have to defeat the defending champions at each Capaal’s dams (three times in the same battle) to discard them. Dwarves defending this realm are doubled in base level.

33 Chew Magna –  Chew Magna can be attacked only by flyers or earthwalkers. The realm is immune to events. All elves in play are immune to spells.

34 Arborlon –  Monsters, dragons and demons can not attack this player realms. All elves in play can attack any realm regardless of position or restriction.

35 Castledown –  All casting spell, using blood ability or psionic power champions must attack this realm first, regardless of where it is in the formation. If defeated they remain with the realm as allies (level only). This player’s champions can not defend this realm. The realm defends itself as a 12 level monster Avatar witch can use spells, psionic powers and blood ability. The realm is immune to events.

36 Dechtera –  At the beginning of this player’s turn he choose to return a magic object from the discard pile or to draw an extra card for each artifact in play in his own pool.

37 Tyrsis –  The realms played adjacent to Tyrsis and the champions in this player’s pool are immune to spells.

38 The Prominence –  The Prominence can be attacked only by flyers or earthwalkers. This player’s thief champions can attack any Shannara’s realm regardless of position or restriction.

39 Skull’s Pendant –  The attached champion is immune to the power of allies of +3 or less. In battle the opponent’s allies of +3 or less lose their powers.

40 The Black Stone – The attached champion is immune to magic objects, spells and psionic powers. Any spell, psionic power and blood ability card, used in/on (pro or against) the pool or on the realms of this player, it takes effect, but instead of being discarded it remain attached to the Black Stone and it counts as a +1.

41 Bow of Velocity – Not usable by monster, wizard and psionicist champions. It ignores any immunity, it can not be ignored or negated. Any arrow shot with this bow ignores any countercard.

42 Bow of Protection – Not usable by monster, wizard and psionicist champions. It ignores any immunity, it can not be ignored or negated. If there is an arrow in play the champion with this bow is immune to one type of card (champion power, ally, artifact, event, magical item, wizard spell, etc…), this player choice.

43 Perfect Bow – Not usable by monster, wizard and psionicist champions. It ignores any immunity, it can not be ignored or negated. Any arrow shot with this bow are increased in power by -2.

44 Arrow of Disintegration – Usable only by archers. Can be played in any moment. Discard from play any one champion, holding, artifact, magic object or ally.

45 Hypnotic Arrow – Usable only by archers. The attached champion can be used by any this player’s champion as an ally (level and power).

46 Arrow of Madness – Usable only by archers. The attached champion attack immediately a realm of that player. The mad champion can be helped by any player.

47 Arrow of Weakening – Usable only by archers. Each card played against that champion subtract one level to his base level (in addition to the starting –4). A champion reduced to level 0 is discarded.

48 Arrow of the Sacred Zeal – Usable only by archers. The attached champion must be always the first to attack end the first to defend.

49 Aging Arrow – Usable only by archers. The attached champion can not attack nor defend.

50 Arrow at the Throat – Usable only by archers. It ignores any immunity, it can not be ignored. Subtract 8 from the attached champion base level. A champion reduced to –1 or less is discarded.

51 Ayden’s Bow – Usable by anyone elf of any world or by half-elven and human heroes. Each time you shoot an arrow with Ayden’s bow a random card from the opponent draw pile goes to the Abyss.

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